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Why Choose Midland Auto Recovery?

Midland Auto Recovery for over 35 years has been serving lending institutions from coast to coast with unparalleled professionalism.

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Please note that if the unit is a 4x4 (Four Wheel Drive) or an AWD (All Wheel Drive) we request a pre-approved $125.00 flat bed fee as traditional tow methods would damage the unit. This fee is applied to the final repossession costs.

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This is your, Midland Auto Recovery's, authorization to act as our agent to collect and/or repossess on sight, the above collateral which is covered by contract. Report any findings and send detailed condition report with invoice. We agree to indemnify you harmless from and against any and all claims including court costs, reasonable attorney fees, and other expense of litigation, except for unauthorized acts by Midland Auto Recovery. This indemnification is granted as considered for your acting as our agent. It is agreed that this contract is executed within your coverage area and that the laws of each state shall be applicable. When there are two states, acknowledge and keep us fully informed.